Monday, September 1, 2008

Pocket Full of Memories, Scrapbook & Memory Journal

I am not a very good scrapbooker. I am the worlds worst procrastinator. I have pictures in boxes that go way back to when my two boys were still in short pants! So, when we decided to go on our extended vacation this year (we were gone almost a month) I was determined to do my scrapbooking along the way. After all considering what I have in boxes in the closet if I didn't do it along the way then the pictures would be in boxes or in my computer FOREVER. So here is a peek at my Scrapbook Journal.

On September 13th I will be teaching "A Pocket Full of Memories" at the Beverly's in Rocklin. In the class you will make the Scrapbook Journal. It starts out with two pieces of bookboard and a bunch of paper and when you go home you will have a beautiful scrapbook journal to use for your own purposes. If you want more information . I would love to tell you how you could join in on the fun.

Hope you can join us,



candy said...

I think this journal is wonderful! Nice job!!


Maria said...

Hey Shiela!! I have the same problem. I have so many pictures that I had to buy two trunks to store them! LOL!

I'm not a good scrapbooker either but I think you did a fabulous job with your memory journal. I absolutely love the idea. I think I'm going to do this on my next trip!!


Sara said...

Hi Sheila! I want one of those books with a map on it!!! Make this an official order!!! Can't wait! Sara